Our feature comedy “Weight” provides a unique opportunity for health and wellness brands to promote their products and services alongside top-level Hollywood talent to the core demographic of 18-39 year olds.

This film is a chance to save lives by inspiring those who struggle with their weight to get in shape and live a healthy life. Rob Margolies, the writer, producer, and director, personally lost 60 pounds going from 210 to 150 in 7 months.

The PR for this movie will be fueled by our enormously talented emerging lead actor and comedian, Zachary Byrd, who is going to be contractually obligated to lose weight as part of his role in the film. Rob Margolies and his team will also be making a feature length documentary about Zachary’s personal plight with obesity.

This is where we need your help. We have just enough money to complete “Weight” in its entirety, however, we are seeking a sponsorship from your company in exchange for any fair offer which would be beneficial to your company. One example includes using

dialogue and/or scenes in the movie to show how your product is responsible for our hero’s weight loss and well-being. Another example would be using your product in an actual scene in the movie and yet another example might be putting your company’s logo on the poster as a sponsor or in the opening and end credits of the film. Everything is negotiable to us. Needless to say, we’d also be promoting your company across all of our social media platforms.

If the film takes off and we advertise in the film that your product is the reason why our hero lost weight, it will be the best use of your marketing budget. In the worst case, the movie will be seen by at least 250,000 people worldwide gaining your company a healthy amount of exposure. Additionally, 10% of the film’s profits are being donated to the National Diabetes & Obesity Research Institute.

Film Synopsis

Based on actual event, “Weight” is an inspirational film that uses comedy to relay its message to the audience. It’s described as a modern day John Candy movie, if he decided to lose weight and get healthy. With a similar tone to Judd Apatow films such as “The 40-Year-Old-Virgin” or “Knocked Up,” our story follows a 300 pound, 27-year-old named Ben, who can’t seem to take his health seriously until a series of events gets him motivated.


Getting high profile celebrity talent to play a few of the characters for substantially reduced rates is inevitable. Some names who are currently attached include:

Jason Mewes
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Ashley Johnson
What Women Want

Kathy Najimy
Hocus Pocus
Sister Act

Randy Quaid
Independence Day
National Lampoon’s Vacation

Peter Scolari
Bosom Buddies
That Thing You Do

Zackery Byrd

The brave star of our film making his feature film debut.

About the Filmmaker

Rob Margolies

Rob Margolies In 2005, Margolies graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in Film Production. During his senior year, he was awarded a scholarship that entitled him to be mentored by the Oscar Winning Director William Friedkin (“The French Connection”, “The Exorcist”, etc). In 2009, Rob was awarded by Chapman University as Alumnus of the Year.

Margolies’ first movie “LIFELINES” stars Jane Adams (HBO’s “Hung”), Dreama Walker (“Don’t Trust the B— In Apt. 23”), Joe Morton (“Scandal”, “Terminator 2”), and Josh Pais (“Ray Donovan”). It was purchased and distributed by Kanbar Entertainment after it won several awards at various film festivals. Margolies’ second movie “SHE WANTS ME” received worldwide distribution in large part by Lionsgate, and stars Josh Gad (“Frozen”, “The Book of Mormon”), Hilary Duff, Charlie Sheen, Wayne Knight, among other stars. Margolies’ third movie (“Roommate Wanted”) stars Alexa Vega (“Spy Kids”), Spencer Grammer (“Greek”), Kathryn Morris (“Cold Case”), and Richard Riehle (“Office Space”). It was purchased and distributed by Lionsgate.

Additionally, Margolies has served as a writer, producer, and/or director on TV shows, web series’, and many films. His most recent as a producer is on the film “NEVER HEARD”, a faith based gospel film, which is getting worldwide distribution by Sony Pictures. Margolies also produced the upcoming independent drama “I’D LIKE TO BE ALONE NOW”, which features a knockout ensemble cast.

Additionally, Rob’s films have all been distributed by companies such as Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, Kanbar Entertainment which was a division of The Weinstein Company, Grindstone Entertainment, Archstone Entertainment, and more.